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The CAMP System
The Joy of Mindful Eating
In 1999, Fred Burggraf was miserable. He suffered from a herniated disk in his back, he was exhausted from sleep apnea, and he was unhappy as an obese man.

Fred had tried dieting and exercise regimens in the past, and hated them. It became clear to him that he had to find a new approach---one that would truly address the real problem: that he was terribly out of balance with food and eating.

From this need, the CAMP System was born.
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Fred began bringing mindfulness to his eating.

He taught himself to slow down, to think about his food, to make conscious, awake decisions about how he ate each bite and how much food was in each bite.

He found that as he did this, he was getting back into balance with food, a balance he hadn't known for over 50 years.

The results were nothing short of amazing. He began to feel better about food. Pounds came off. His health improved. It was time to bring the message to whomever would listen.
Fred developed all the materials and tools of the CAMP System that you will find at this web site. He also is the author of other mindfulness products, including  "The Mindfulness Wheel," now available from DayOne Publishing.

In 2000, Fred began running courses in the CAMP System. Spurred on by the success he witnessed in his students and enriched by their own experiences, strategies and practices, Fred had enough resources to write the book that is changing the landscape of how people view food and eating.

Fred's  article, "The Guiltless Hamburger,"  originally published at the Think Holistic web site, is now available here as a download.

This article develops the idea that modern diets concentrate on WHAT we eat, but miss completely the HOW of eating. It is this error, he argues, that speaks volumes about why diets rarely succeed, and why it's so important to see all foods as honorable and available.

To download a pdf version of this article,  click here
Fred has appeared on a number of talk radio shows to describe mindfulness of eating. These shows include:

The Hilly Rose Show, Sirius Radio

The Coaching Show, WSRadio.com

Roy Justis' "In Iowa Today" program, KXIC radio, Iowa City , IA

The Rick Bloom program, Phoenix, AZ,

Gary Pozsik's "Health, Wealth & Happiness" Show, WCTG 840 AM, Columbia, SC,

Joe DeNiro Radio Show, St. Louis, MO.