The CAMP System

The Joy of Mindful Eating
The CAMP System is a new, powerful and different approach to finding balance with food and eating. 

Named for its components—Control, Attitudes, Mindful Eating and Portions—CAMP is a way of eating that emphasizes how you eat, not what you eat. If you are unhappy with your present relationship to food, the CAMP System could be your lasting solution.

Learn to Become a Skillful Eater

CAMP is not a diet—instead, it's a new way of eating that promotes better attitudes, increased awareness, and food portions that make sense for you and your body. As you learn to align your thinking and eating in a mindful way, you become---at last---a skilled eater.

The benefits are endless. And weight loss and life-long control are a wonderful side result of your new-found skills. 

Please come on in and learn about CAMP.

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The CAMP Logo - Representing Body, Mind and Spirit
If you'd like to learn more about CAMP and Mindful Eating, please visit the educational and information site about CAMP. There you will learn many strategies and techniques to bring mindfulness to your eating every day.

Click here to visit the site at www.MindfulEating.org.
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Here at the CAMP Store, you will find a host of products that support the CAMP System.
Mindfulness Tools
NEW in 2011!

The Basics of Mindful Eating

A laminated card summarizing the best strategies and techniques in bringing mindfulness to every meal.

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