The CAMP System
The Joy of Mindful Eating
The CAMP System
Learning to Live in Balance and Harmony with Food 
With the CAMP System, it's not what you eat but rather how you eat that matters. This book will teach you

Included in the book are such as exercises as:

As a CAMPer, you will have full control of what you eat without depriving yourself of any food.

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Every week, every day, there are more and more stories on the news about the obesity epidemic in this country and what new steps the government and the medical community are recommending. And each time, the advice is the same, and yet the problem gets worse.

Clearly, a new, unique, natural, non-depriving method is needed to end the wrong-headed approach. The CAMP System is such a method.
The CAMP System Food Journal
This is a great companion book to have along with the main CAMP System book! This 60-day Food Journal is indispensable  for recording your meals each day and organizing your thoughts about eating. This Journal includes a unique method or rating your food intake each day as well as a method of charting your progress. An end-of-book extension allows use of this system to a full 120 days.

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The CAMP System is the revolutionary work that is changing the way people eat. This unique approach to eating ignores the common "wisdom" of dieting, and instead looks to improve the way you approach food and eating.

The term CAMP stands for the four main components of the system: Control, Attitudes, Mindful Eating and Portions Strategies. Each of these is explored in depth in the book.

Control - With control, you will learn who you've been blaming for your unskilled eating behavior and then how to reclaim your own control over food. You will see what habits you've formed, how they are working against you, and how you can defeat your old eating habits.
Mindful Eating - Mindfulness is a way of approaching life with complete attention, purposefulness and wakefulness. Four chapters of this book are devoted to the four types of mindful eating: Arriving, Awakening, Tuning In, and Service. When you wake up to food and truly pay attention to each bite, you begin to have many more choices than before. You begin to treat food with respect, as something special. You become aware of your own energy economy and how all kinds of foods make you feel.

Attitudes - The way you think about food determines how you treat food and how you treat yourself in respect to food. Learn how to develop new attitudes about food through the TEN CAMP PRINCIPLES, which discuss how to think about leaving food on your plate, hunger, how to never feel deprived, and much more.
Note: This book never discusses calories or fat content or what you "should" or "should not" eat. Rather, mindful eating is a method of eating any and all types of foods.
Portions - How much food you eat is critical to meeting your goals in your relationship to food. Simply put: If you are gaining weight, you are eating too much. Learn how to set boundaries for yourself, how to evaluate how much to eat, how much food to put on your fork or spoon, and how to increase the sensations of each bite so that you eat less.
For more about the CAMP System and many of its strategies, principles and approaches, visit the CAMP Educational site at: